wicked-laser-lightsaberThe first look at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer certainly set tongues a-wagging’, especially when it came to the cute little ball-like droid that rolled along the desert landscape, as well as the red crossguard lightsaber which obviously belongs to someone who practices the Sith way of the Force. Well, while this world has not come up with its working version of a lightsaber just yet (which would be a very dangerous proposition, actually), this does not mean that lasers cannot offer a similar visual trick. Wicked Lasers, being famous for their high-powered products, has just come up with a concept for that very red crossguard lightsaber which has set the Internet alight – with both for and against arguments.

Known as the Wicked Lasers Crossguard, this particular concept certainly has more than just a close resemblance to the weapon that was wielded in the trailer, and instead of mounting a trio of lasers on a single hilt, Wicked Lasers decided to let the laser shoot through a hard anodized aluminum shell, allowing them to hit the two side-mounted mirrors that have been set at 45-degree angles.

Those who would want to give Wicked Lasers’ concept a go can take advantage of the models that can be 3D printed and do bear in mind that the lasers will not stop short in order to create a crossguard, but at least this is as good as it gets.

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