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France Recognizes Lightsaber Dueling As An Official Sport
Do you consider yourself to be a particularly skilled lightsaber dueler? Perhaps you might want to head over to France as the French Fencing Federation has actually recognized lightsaber dueling as an official sport. The federation has made this decision in a bit to make fencing more appealing to the younger generation.

Star Wars VR Lightsaber Game Is Free For Everyone
You can’t deny you never wanted to have some fun with a lightsaber when you watched the Star Wars movies for the very first time. Now you can take those weapons for a spin, in virtual reality at least, with a new Star Wars VR lightsaber game called Trials on Tatooine. This VR game has been created by Industrial Light & Magic’s xLab and the best part is that it’s […]

Engineer Creates A Real Burning Lightsaber
According to Star Wars lore, a lightsaber is made from kyber crystals. In the real world, such crystal (unfortunately) do not exist meaning that if and when we were to eventually create lightsabers, we’d probably have to come up with our interpretation of them. This could result in blades made from a concentrated laser, or in this engineer’s case, a steady stream of fire.Electric engineer Allen Pan has put together […]

Lightsabers For Military Men In The Future?
Have you watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet? It has already broken a fair number of records to date, and if you feel the need to wield an actual lightsaber in combat, then perhaps you might want to think about signing up with the army. While laser systems are being developed for aircraft, drones, vehicles and boats for U.S. troops, how about a personal laser weapon – a lightsaber, […]


Star Wars Crossguard Lightsaber Gets Wicked Lasers Treatment
The first look at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer certainly set tongues a-wagging’, especially when it came to the cute little ball-like droid that rolled along the desert landscape, as well as the red crossguard lightsaber which obviously belongs to someone who practices the Sith way of the Force. Well, while this world has not come up with its working version of a lightsaber just yet (which would […]

Star Wars Thumb Wrestling Kit Has You Fighting With Small Lightsabers
When you’re challenged to a thumb wrestling match, you know how serious things can get as both challengers tend to bend and twist their way into an honorable victory. We take out thumb wrestling very serious here at Ubergizmo, although now that we’ve come across the Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling kit, our thumb wrestling matches will never be the same again.

Iron Man Themed Lightsaber Is The Coolest Thing You'll See Today
This Iron Man themed lightsaber is extremely impressive.

Lightsaber Knitting Needles
Bring knitting to the next level if you are a Star Wars fan!

Lightsaber Cane Confounds TSA Officers, Detains Star Wars Actor
Overzealous TSA officers decided to detain Star Wars actor Peter Mayhew because of his lightsaber cane.

Homemade Lightsaber Featuring 3W Laser Burns Through Stuff
A homemade lightsaber featuring a 3W laser can be seen here used to burn through a lot of things.

Custom Lightsabers Will Make You Really Feel Like A Jedi
With a new Star Wars film expected to be released starting in 2015 and beyond, we’re sure you’re going to want to buy yourself a lightsaber, that is, if you don’t own one already. You could head down to your local toy store or turn to the Internet to buy a lightsaber that’s been mass produced, or you could be a true Jedi / Sith Lord and obtain a completely unique […]

Lightsabers used for train railings in Japan
We all know what a huge success the Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray release was, and the Force is certainly strong all over the globe. Even those living in the Land of the Rising Sun is not spared (which is a good thing), where the boxset hit Japan slightly more than a week ago. In order to promote the release of this unique boxset, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment […]

Star Wars Remote Controlled Lightsaber Room Light
If you happen to have had experienced a particularly difficult childhood, where you could not get all the toys you wanted – not even a simple Transformer figurine simply because your parents think that all play and no work makes Jack a dumb boy, perhaps it is time to reflect on whether you’re doing the same to your son. If you cannot remember the last time where you purchased a […]

BT Tower turned into a giant lightsaber
Last week, the BT Tower in London was turned into the biggest lightsaber in the world, to commemorate the release of the Star Wars complete saga on Blu-ray disc. While many fans probably won’t agree with the edits done to the movie (Han shot first, no?), being at the launch event was a whole different story. It featured a guest appearance by Anthony Daniels – the voice of one of […]