talking-3d-mapsA map is pretty much useless if you do not have good vision, or if you happen to be visually impaired. Having said that, a team of researchers from the University of Buffalo and Touch Graphics, Inc. decided to do something about this situation. The solution that they can think of? Specially designed 3D maps that will cater specifically for those who happen to suffer from poor vision.

How does the map work? It is extremely futuristic, this is for sure, where it will be composed of 3D-printed components. In other words, it looks like a mini diorama of sorts, where it will comprise of streets, buildings, and the landscape, where all of them have been 3D printed. In addition, the map as well as the objects that are located on it will be illuminated from below in order to assist those who have a bit of working vision, so that they can have a better idea of just what they happen to be looking at. More interestingly would be the fact that whenever the user touches an object on the map, the object itself will be lit up from above, where there will then be a digitized voice that delivers a description on what that particular object happens to be, at the same time sharing directions on how to get there if required.

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