the-interviewEarlier this morning, we did bring you word on how Apple has released ‘The Interview’ over on iTunes, which opens up another avenue for the hugely controversial comedy that has drawn plenty of attention to itself – in addition to making Sony Pictures, the company behind the movie, to be hacked and having plenty of sensitive information leaked out along the way. Of course, now that a whole lot of the brou-ha-ha has already died down, ‘The Interview’ is slowly but surely making its way across numerous distribution channels. Being a straight-to-online film on iTunes for those living in the U.S. and Canada, it happens to be the best selling movie to date on that platform, too, now how about that for breaking records?

Apparently, ‘The Interview’ now ranks as Sony’s best-selling online movie to date, where it has already picked up $15 million – and counting, where it has been reported that most of the revenue hailed from Google’s YouTube and Google Play stores. The online sales even beat the film’s limited theatrical release, which has rung up approximately $2.8 million over at the cash registers.

Have you watched ‘The Interview’ already, and how do you find it? While it is not billed to carry a brilliant script, but it will surely be a notable milestone in the annals of online movie releases due to the nature of its “explosion” onto the scene.

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