the-interviewThe Interview might not be a great movie at all with its style of comedy, but then again it has garnered a whole lot of attention in recent times, especially when you take into consideration how Sony Pictures was hacked. In fact, The Interview was made available across multiple platforms, but it has also been downloaded illegally – with the last official count being over 750,000 times in the first 20 hours after the movie was released, at least according to the folks over at TorrentFreak.

Sony Pictures took the step to cancel The Interview’s theatrical release on December 17 after receiving threats of a potential terrorist attack in theaters that actually went ahead with the screening of that film. Better be safe than sorry, right? That move to cancel the film’s release did disappoint president Obama somewhat, but Sony Pictures decided to give the masses an early Christmas present, sharing on December 23rd that the film will be experience a limited release – on Christmas Day itself. Apart from that, December 24th saw Sony reveal the film on YouTube, Google Play and Xbox Video, in addition to their very own website – for rental, of course.

Perhaps the lack of international access to The Interview is the main reason for the huge number of illegal downloads for this movie. What do you think?

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