12inch macbook airWord on the street is that Apple could be planning on launching a 12-inch MacBook Air. In fact production of the rumored laptop is said to begin in Q1 2015. That being said given that Apple is known for the design of their products, we’re sure many are wondering what kind of design will the new MacBook Air feature?

Will it look like the other MacBook Air laptops or will Apple go with a completely new design? Well according to 9to5Mac, they have heard that Apple will be coming up with an entirely new design for the 12-inch model. The design is said to be rather radical and that Apple could be doing away with standard ports and connectors like USB ports, MagSafe connectors, SD card slots, and so on, all in the name of making the laptop thinner and lighter.

Apple has reportedly redesigned the keyboard of the new MacBook Air as well and will now be presented as an edge-to-edge keyboard, similar to that of the PowerBook from a decade ago. This is also done to help make the laptop be as narrow as possible. Apple will also be doing away with the clicky trackpad as it means one less mechanical component, which translates into a thinner device.

There will also be four speaker grills positioned above the keyboard and they will serve a double purpose, which is to act as speakers and also as ventilation to help the laptop dissipate some of the heat it generates. While these changes do sound interesting, ultimately we have to wonder will this thinner and narrower laptop be good to use? After all a laptop is meant to be worked on, not looked at, but in any case since this is just a rumor for now, do take it with a grain of salt, but in the meantime what do you guys think?

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