adobe flash playerIf you receive a prompt or notice from Adobe asking you to update your Flash player software, you should probably go ahead and do that. Adobe has recently released an updated version of their Flash player software that will patch an undisclosed vulnerability. This vulnerability essentially allows hackers to take control of your PC or Mac computer remotely.

What makes this particular update even more urgent than ever is the fact that there have been reported cases of exploits already, meaning that the vulnerability has been discovered by hackers despite it being undisclosed and who are using it to wreck havoc on unsuspecting users.

If your Flash player is verseion on OS X and Windows or on Linux, then chances are you that you could very well be susceptible to the attack. For those who have enabled auto update feature, you should receive an update that will bump your Adobe Flash player to version

Adobe is also working on a standalone patch that can be manually installed and is expected to release it this week. The company is also working with Google to update the embedded version of Flash that is included in the Google Chrome browser. To check your version of Flash, you can head on over to Adobe’s website to find out, and you can pop on over to Adobe’s forums to find out how to update your software.

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