android gamesIn terms of smartphone platform market share, it is no secret that Android is leading the way. This is thanks to the fact that there are many Android OEMs out there, versus iOS in which pretty much Apple is the only company churning out iOS devices, although Apple’s latest figures show that they have no problems standing on their own.

That being said despite Android’s larger share, developers tend to favor the iOS platform, but why is that? Apparently iOS is more profitable, but it looks like things could be changing soon as it seems that profitability on the Android platform is on the rise. According to DAU-UP, a gaming marketing company, they have found that Android’s average revenue per user (ARPU) has seen a steady increase.

According to the company, back in January 2014, Android’s ARPU was 20% of what iOS developer’s enjoyed, however by the end of the year in December, Android’s ARPU had risen to 65%. Granted this still placed them behind iOS, but it is a pretty huge leap within a one year time frame. DAU-UP also notes that media advertising costs on Android devices are 20-50% lower compared to iOS, so in some cases, it is possible that some Android games are just as profitable or more so than its iOS counterpart.

According to DAU-UP’s CEO Idan Nizri, “After years of being the unwanted step child, Android is having its Cinderella moment, as game developers are increasing their Android development resources to meet the growth in Android revenue. We’re hearing more and more developers developing games ‘Android First.’ I have no doubt that game developers will invest more time, effort and resources in Android in 2015.”

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