angry-tweetsBeing angry is good – if you know how to channel the anger properly, and be able to come up with the appropriate response to this feeling. However, for most of us who are unable to control our emotions properly, being angry can be detrimental to our health. Sure, we might not trash the place out of anger, grow into a lumbering jade giant like the Hulk, but some of us do take the step to vent our frustrations via social network channels like Twitter. It seems that this is not good either, as angry tweets could very well increase one’s risk of heart disease.

Researchers tout that expressions of negative emotions on Twitter have been associated with a higher risk of heart disease, despite many of us thinking that doing so would feel therapeutic. The researchers hail from the University of Pennsylvania, which does point to a rather strong correlation between a community’s use of negative emotional language on Twitter alongside heart disease mortality.

Other studies in the past point to factors that are associated with the risk of heart disease include low income, smoking and stress, but it sees that Twitter could very well capture additional information concerning heart disease risk as opposed to the combination of other traditional factors. It seems that a set of public tweets made between 2009 and 2010 which carried expletives and words such as ‘hate’ saw higher rates of heart disease mortality in the users. Food for thought, right?

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