[CES 2015] When it comes to technology involving drones, you know for sure that many different parts of the device will have to work in perfect harmony in order to offer a unique and uninterrupted flying experience. However, as technology progresses, we would expect drones to get “smarter” too, so to speak. Hence, we are not surprised to hear that drones of the future could come with collision avoidance technology as a standard feature – thanks to the collaboration between Ascending Technologies and Intel.

Both entities have come together to agree to develop a new collision avoidance technology alongside algorithms for unmanned aerial systems (UAVs), aka drones, with the assistance of Intel’s RealSense cameras and Ascending Technologies’ AscTec Trinity auto pilot system.

Such technology would also translate to the possibility of self-aware drones, where they would then be able to go about their work autonomously, covering great distances and performing duties such as inspecting fields and power lines, or perhaps to monitor an endangered species out there. How about having drones deliver emergency medication?

All in all, as drones get smarter, hopefully this does not mean the beginning of the end of humanity, although a certain degree of autonomy would be useful in making things more efficient on certain fronts.

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