There’s great news today for people who were always irked by the inability of Chrome for OS X to display emojis. For a few years there has been a bug in this web browser which has prevented Apple’s emoji’s from properly being displayed. The company has finally taken note as the bug has been squashed, and this means that support for Apple’s emoji is coming very soon to Chrome for OS X.

Before this bug was fixed emoji would only show up as a square, and sometimes it wouldn’t show up at all. This was obviously frustrating for people who like using emojis.

Users faced no issue of this sort when using Safari on Apple’s operating system because the browser had it built-in. Google had to fix the bug in Chrome, and it has, which why emoji support has now appeared in the developer version of Chrome for OS X. This allows users to see emoji on websites and enter them into text fields like they would on Safari.

Testing is now taking place on Chrome’s Canary builds. It won’t take long before the support comes to the consumer (read: stable) version of Chrome. Those who simply can’t wait can download the development version, but it wouldn’t hurt to wait a couple of weeks now, would it?

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