CortanaIt looks like Windows Phone 8.1’s voice assistant feature, better known as Cortana, will also be baked into the newly announced Windows 10 operating system right from the get go. Windows users will be able to summon Cortana by saying, “Hey, Cortana,” and the PC incarnation will be powerful enough to be able to speak multiple languages right out of the box.

Of course, the Windows 10 version of Cortana will see her receive her very own user interface, which has been referred to as a “natural” interface. What is so natural about it? For instance, she is touted to be able to understand natural language questions including the likes of “Cortana, will I need a raincoat tomorrow?”, where she will then inform you of the upcoming weather forecast. Sort of like answering without answering if I were to share my two cents.

Apart from that, over time, the use of Cortana would let her know more about you, and with the Windows 10 “notebook,” you will be able to check out just how much of you that Cortana knows, ranging from the kind of stocks that you keep track of, the sports teams that you follow, and even the weather. Of course, you will be in full control when it comes to adding and removing the areas of your interest. Cortana will also be able to search through your hard drive, OneDrive and web when looking for information.

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