dota2_18791_screenI do know that gaming can get rather intense at times, but does it really need to rile up one’s emotions and feelings, so much so that animosity is created between players? Dota 2 has been the cause of a number of unrest cases throughout various computer cafés (or cybercafes) in the Philippines, so much so that one particular district in one large city has declared an outright ban on Dota 2.

When In Manila did reveal that there was a decree issued by the district council of Salawag, which has a community of approximately 60,000 souls, located within the larger city of Dasamariñas, which is right outside of Manila. The municipal ban has come about after reports of youths playing Dota 2 in public cafés ending up involved in brawls which have since caught public attention. Certainly not the best of behaviors, don’t you think so? And so, Salawag’s government decided that they had to step in to prevent any more fights – and who knows what an enraged person might end up doing when they see red? That is normally when logic is thrown out of the window.

Hence, and internet café that runs this game and violates the ordinance in the process would run the risk of punishment, including a suspension from operations for a month to a complete revocation of their business license.

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