Competitive games like Dota 2 can be intimidating to new players, especially when they play with other players who might not be so understanding or forgiving towards beginners and newbies. This in turn could ruin the experience for beginners who might stop playing the game, or based on past experiences might not even attempt the game at all.

However, Valve is hoping to correct this by introducing an update to Dota 2 that will make the game a bit more beginner friendly. This doesn’t mean that Valve is nerfing the game or the characters, but rather they are making changes to the UI, introducing quests and rewards, all of which are designed to streamline the experience by opening up bits of the game to beginners at a time, instead of overwhelming them with information that can feel daunting.

The company is also introducing a new player mode that uses a smaller hero pool, so as not to intimidate players with too many choices, and will also remove penalties for leaving during a game. New players queuing for games by themselves will also be matched against other similar players, which brings us to the next change: smurfing.

Valve will be cracking down further on smurfing, which is where veterans/professionals create lower level accounts just to destroy newbies. Valve says that players who are caught doing this can now be banned.

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