Valve has some interesting ideas for the future of PC gaming, where instead of just being able to play in front of a computer or laptop, you might be able to play PC games on a handheld console. The company has already tested that out with Steam Link, an app that lets you stream Steam games from your PC to your phone.

They are also working on the Steam Deck, a dedicated handheld console that lets you play your Steam games while on the go. So much so that it doesn’t really come as a surprise that the company is now preparing for some of its games to support gaming controller input. In fact, a recent update to Dota 2 has revealed such support.

According to Valve, “As the realities of the Continuum meld in mysterious ways, today’s update also introduces a world in which Dota can optionally be played using a controller instead of the standard mouse+keyboard setup, giving players a new way to interface with their favorite fight. From choosing your hero to smashing an Ancient, you can battle your way to victory in Dota by plugging in any PC controller that allows Steam Input (including PS/XBOX/Switch Pro Controllers and more) and steering your hero into the fray.”

Valve notes that this is something of an experimental feature so don’t be surprised if you encounter some bugs, but it could be an alternative input method for those who might prefer using a game controller.

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