google-castThe Google Chromecast is a HDMI dongle that basically allows users to stream content, such as videos on their phone, onto another device like a TV. Alternatively users can also mirror the content from their computer onto their phone, if they choose to. Well if you’d like a similar feature except more catered for music, you’re in luck as Google has announced Google Cast.

Google Cast uses the same technology behind the Chromecast, except that it will work together with speakers made from OEMs such as Sony, LG, and Denon. The functionality is also similar to Chromecast in which users just need to tap the cast button on their music app running on their smartphone, select the Google Cast ready speaker, and they’re good to go!

It is because Google Cast ready speakers can pull music directly from the cloud, it also means that users will be able to free up their phone to perform other tasks. Not to mention it will also help to prevent battery drain. If you’re subscribed to a music streaming service, you will also be able to use it in conjunction with Google Cast.

Supported music streaming services include Deezer, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, NPR One, Pandora, TuneIn, just ot name a few. Google expects OEMs such as Sony, LG, and Denon to have Google Cast ready speakers ready in the spring of 2015. Google also expects additional support from Broadcom, MediaTek, and Libre Wireless to help make Google Cast compatible with more devices around the home.

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