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Vizio Launches New High-End Google Cast Speakers
Vizio is a brand best known for providing premium products at relatively low prices. For example, the company’s 4K TVs cost lower than what a similar 4K TV from Sony or Samsung would. The company also creates audio products and today it announced the launch of new premium Google Cast-enabled speakers – the SmartCast Crave 360 and SmartCast Crave Pro.

Google Cast Available On Every Google Fiber TV Box Now
Google has announced that starting today it’s adding Google Cast, the technology that powers its popular Chromecast dongle, to every Google Fiber TV box. This opens up a whole new world of content for those who have a Fiber TV box, enabling them to easily cast their shows, movies, music, and other content to the biggest screen in their house. It also eliminates the need for them to purchase a […]

Philips To Launch Affordable 4K Google Cast TVs This Summer
It used to be that if you wanted your TV to have Google’s Chromecast features, you would need to buy the dongle and plug it into your TV. The dongle itself is pretty small so it doesn’t really get in the way of anything, but just in case you’re the type that favors streamlined designs, Philips might have something for you.

Polaroid 4K Ultra HD LED Models Are Powered by Google Cast
It looks like the newly renamed Google Cast is in for a good time, as Polaroid has just revealed their new 4K Ultra HD LED models which will be powered by none other than, Google Cast, of course. This is an exciting strategic partnership with Google, as the new Polaroid 4K connected TV line will incorporate Google Cast, ensuring that consumers will not have to burn a hole in their […]


B&O Play Speakers To Include Google Cast
It looks like Bang & Olufsen, one of the names when it comes to high end audio products and services, have decided to issue an update to the BeoPlay A6 as well as the BeoPlay A9, by making sure that Google Cast will be hitting those. In addition, Bang & Olufsen has also made sure that Google Cast will eventually make its way to the rest of its upcoming speakers, […]

Google Renames Chromecast App To Google Cast
Google today announced a minor change but it’s an important one which reflects how it’s casting technology has progressed over the past couple of years. The company has renamed its Chromecast app to Google Cast to better reflect that the Cast technology is now supported across a variety of devices including but not limited to TVs, displays, speakers and the Chromecast dongle.

Denon Speakers Won't Provide Google Cast Support
At the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 Google announced Google Cast and revealed that it was teaming up with the likes of Sony, LG and Denon to bring its audio casting technology to their speakers. Both LG and Sony have come up with speakers that support Google Cast but Denon has nothing to show for this year-long partnership, and it turns out it won’t have anything to show for it at […]

Soundcloud Now Supports Google Cast
Soundcloud is a very popular online destination for music, it has a massive community that also contributes its own remixes and variations on tracks by popular artists. Those who frequently use this service will appreciate the fact that it now has support for Google Cast, this means that they can wirelessly beam their music to audio devices around their home which are compatible with Google Cast.

LG Launches Curved Sound Bar Compatible With Google Cast
LG has updated its Music Flow lineup of connected audio devices with the Music Flow HS8 wireless curved sound bar, the device is compatible with Google Cast and features a 4.1 channel speaker system that provides an output of 360W. It can also be hooked up to other Music Flow speakers in the house over Wi-Fi so users can easily create a multi-speaker configuration if need be. The curved sound bar goes […]

You Can Now Download Your Google Search History
Google has allowed people to view their entire search history but it appears that now its allowing them to download it as well. The feature has been added to Google accounts and users can download a copy of all of their past searches. This feature was first discovered by an unofficial Google blog, it first exports a user’s Google searches to Google Drive and then lets them download it from […]

LG Launches Music Flow Speakers With Google Cast Support
LG has announced the launch of its Music Flow family of speakers and sound bars in the United States. These are among the first devices from LG that support Google Cast. It was only a few months ago when Google announced an audio-only version of “Cast,” which lets users stream music directly to connected speaker systems. Google Cast can be used to stream music to these LG speakers using any Android […]

Spotify Won't Be Supporting Google Cast Anytime Soon
You might recall that earlier this week, we reported on the Google Cast which is a new piece of technology that Google had announced. Essentially this is the Chromecast for music where users could beam their music from their devices onto Google Cast-enabled speakers, which we guess in some way is similar to Apple’s AirPlay as well.This is great news for those who love to listen to music and control […]

Sony's New XBR Ultra Slim Televisions
[CES 2015] We’re not sure how many of you guys remember that back in the day, televisions were huge. Not necessarily in screen size, but huge as in bulky. This is due to the technology that was used last time. However fast forward to today, TVs are much slimmer but in case the current offerings weren’t enough, Sony has some new TVs that might be of interest to you.

Google Cast: The Chromecast For Music
The Google Chromecast is a HDMI dongle that basically allows users to stream content, such as videos on their phone, onto another device like a TV. Alternatively users can also mirror the content from their computer onto their phone, if they choose to. Well if you’d like a similar feature except more catered for music, you’re in luck as Google has announced Google Cast.