Modular-TV-900As Google is developing its evolving smartphone project, Haier aims at doing the same for the TV. The manufacturer is presenting an innovative and unique concept that will allow users to decide what they want to do with their TV. How does it work? By simply changing the removable part of the screen, users will get either a full HD display (1920 x 1080)or an UHD one (3840 x 2160). This innovation will open doors to let the TV evolve and change alongside the software updates without breaking the bank by replacing the display each time. 


Haier introduced a suite of health related features for this model that includes the ability to monitor the user’s blood pressure, weight or sleep quality. In addition an integrated camera indicates if you are sitting too close to the screen or if you have a bad posture while watching a movie. The cherry on the cake: in case the system thinks that you are too much in front of the TV, you will receive an alert! An ambient light sensor will automatically adjust the brightness to make sure your eyes are not overstressed.

Since this model is part of the “futuristic” lineup of Haier, pricing and availability have not been disclosed yet.

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