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Haier Unveils A Stylish But Affordable Smartwatch
Haier is a brand that if you have heard of them, you might associate them with white goods like fridges, air-conditioners, and etc. However the company has dabbled in mobile products in the past, and they have also launched various wearables like smartwatches. It looks like they’re back again this year at MWC with their latest offering.

GE To Sell Appliances Business To Haier For $5.4 Billion
Over in the US when it comes to appliances for the home, we might be familiar with brands such as Electrolux, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, GE, Philips, and etc. Haier on the other hand is a brand that not many of you guys might have heard, although over in China and some parts of Asia, Haier is a pretty big household name.

Haier Smart Fridge A Future Possibility
[CES 2016] Well, not too long after announcing that Samsung would roll out a spanking new fridge that is known as the Family Hub (and boy does it look so good), here we are with another potential smart fridge for the masses – save for the fact that this particular model will not hail from the folks over at Samsung of South Korea, but rather, Haier. The thing about this […]

Haier Launches New 9.7-inch Android Tablet
[CES 2016] Haier might not be a brand many are familiar with, but if you have been keeping up with the tech scene for a while, you might have heard their name pop up once or twice. The company has launched a variety of products in the past, like smartwatches for kids, and just last year during CES, they even unveiled a 105-inch TV.That being said, it looks like Haier […]


More Haier Roku TVs Now Available
Both Haier and Roku have teamed up to introduce the brand new Haier Roku TV models over in the US (which was promised earlier in the year), where you should be able to pick one up if you are interested. As you should be able to tell by the name already, each Haier Roku TV model will be a marriage of Haier’s sleek TV design and high-quality picture with the […]

Haier Unveils Smartwatch That Helps Track Your Kids
Haier might not necessarily be a brand many of us associate with wearables, but it is an area that the company will be looking into. Recently at the IFA Global Press Conference in Malta, Haier took the wraps off their smartwatch whose main feature is to help users keep track of their kids.Basically the watch will be worn by your kids and thanks to its built-in GPS and accompanying smartphone […]

Haier Smart Collar Announced
[MWC 2015] For some of us, having a pet is far more than just having an animal around the home to keep us company – pets can be therapeutic at times, not to mention bring us joy along the way. Well, it seems that if you were to get a smartwatch by Haier for your child as well as one for your aging father, how about poor little Fido who […]

Haier Smartwatch For Senior Citizens
[MWC 2015] So, we have seen a smartwatch by Haier for the little ones, which is capable of even accompanying you underwater up to 30 meters before its seals give way to the water, but what about the adults? You know – the folks who actually have the money to pay for this kind of stuff for their progeny. Well, it seems that senior citizens, too, are not left out […]

Haier Smartwatch Targets Children
[MWC 2015] You know for sure that the world of wearable technology is certainly growing by leaps and bounds – especially when you take into consideration how there are more and more companies introducing their very own take on what a smartwatch ought to look like – and be. With the Apple Watch being in the pipeline, things would pick up even more from there. Having said all of that, […]

Haier Voyage Smartphone Range Set To Arrive In Europe
[MWC 2015] Haier, the hardware manufacturer from China that has certainly not shied away from Europe, intends to add more spark to the smartphone world with a trio of new handsets – where they will be the Haier Voyage G30, the Haier Voyage I70, and the Haier Voyage V5, which are all set to launch in Europe in due time.

New Haier Roku TV Models Set To Roll Out This Year
[CES 2015] It seems that there will be spanking new Roku TV models that will hit the market later this year, and among them would be those from Haier. In fact, the new Haier Roku TV models will be out by the time Q3 2015 rolls around – which should provide you with ample time to plan your budget so that you can own one of these puppies when they […]

Haier Modular TV, the First Evolving TV
As Google is developing its evolving smartphone project, Haier aims at doing the same for the TV. The manufacturer is presenting an innovative and unique concept that will allow users to decide what they want to do with their TV. How does it work? By simply changing the removable part of the screen, users will get either a full HD display (1920 x 1080)or an UHD one (3840 x 2160). […]

Haier Unveils 105” LED and 55” OLED Curved TVs
The leading Korean manufacturers have been introducing curved TVs for some time now, LG being the first one to create such a home entertainment device back in January 2013. Today at CES 2015, the chinese brand Haier is announcing its own 105” curved LED TV and 55” curved OLED TV, we have not seen them yet but we will make sure to stop by the booth to check the image […]

Haier And Energous Partner Up To Bring Wireless Charging To Household Appliances
When we think of wireless charging, we think of wireless charging pads that supports either the Qi or PMA wireless charging standard. While it is technically wireless, it still requires users to place their devices on a dedicated charging pad to allow it to charge, meaning that your device still needs to sit in one place while it charges.While there have been patents that suggest wireless charging using magnetic resonance, […]