HP Z27qSo we have heard about 4K displays before, and have seen our fair share of those models in action, but such a high resolution have not really made its way into mainstream media consumption simply because there are many other aspects of the technology to work out on a wide scale basis. Having said that, this should be no excuse when it comes to delivering a next step forward in the visuals department, and HP does not disappoint with their HP Z27q 27″ IPS 5K Display.

With the HP Z27q 27″ IPS 5K Display, you will be able to redefine life image presentation where it comes with a massive 14.7MP and 218 ppi (pixels per inch), now how about that? Other specifications include a 16:9 aspect ratio, a high brightness level, and wide viewing angles which makes every single seat in the room a great one – regardless of where it is situation.

Not only that, professionals who dabble with image editing and the ilk will be able to enjoy accurate color calibration for sRGB, Adobe, and BT.709 right from the very moment it is turned on. Do make sure you savor the 10-bit color quality with up to 1.07 billion colors, not to mention 99% coverage of Adobe RGB that makes your presentations come to live. There are also customizable tilt, height adjustment, swivel and pivot settings to offer as much of an ergonomic working experience as possible. With five USB 3.0 ports thrown into the mix, you know that the HP Z27q 27″ IPS 5K Display is going to be a winner right from the get go.

Do expect the HP Z27q 27″ IPS 5K Display to retail for $1,299 as it is made available from the beginning of March onward.

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