pearl-mirrorMirror, mirror on the wall, which of my devices are in need of some power? The Hyper Pearl Compact Mirror would be able to answer this particular question without any kind of magic – although it does not do so verbally. The Pearl Compact Mirror happens to be the first compact mirror in the world that comes with an integrated USB battery pack, allowing it to juice up your ever power hungry devices such as smartphones, tablets and basically any other USB powered device.


Sporting a slim and lightweight design, the Pearl Compact Mirror is extremely portable, and not only that, it will be a whole lot of fun to use. Touted to be the perfect accessory for any occasion, it will carry a 3,000mAh capacity in its battery, which should be able to deliver an ample amount of power to a depleted smartphone, among others.

What started off as a Kickstarter crowdfunding project is now reality, where it managed to raise over $100,000 eventually. There will be a couple of mirrors integrated into the Pearl Compact Mirror – one of them being a normal mirror, while the other will offer 3X magnification – to make sure that you have no nasty bits and pieces of food stuck between your teeth on that gala night, and a glamorous LED ring light to make sure you can see your visage – even in the dark. Pick from red, silver, and gold colors. The battery is said to last up to 1,000 charge cycles, which would be a wee bit more than four years if it were to be juiced up once a day.

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