ivviIt seems as though there is this “arms race” among Chinese smartphone manufacturers when it comes to rolling out the thinnest smartphone in the world. Seriously, how thin must a smartphone be before people are satisfied? Not only that, would not the structural integrity be compromised along the way, especially when you place it in a really tight jeans pocket? Having said that, Vivo might want to think about doing something so that their Vivo X5 Max will be able to regain its title as the world’s thinnest smartphone, which it is set to lose to Ivvi who will introduce a handset that is 4.7mm thin – which would be 0.05mm thinner than the Vivo X5 Max.

This is definitely splitting hairs, really, as the naked eye would find it really difficult to tell the difference in thickness – after all, it is 0.05mm that we are talking about here. Ivvi happens to be a branch of China-based Coolpad, but until the smartphone from Ivvi rolls out officially, Vivo would still be able to retain its crown in this market segment – and the bragging rights that come along with it, of course. We do know that the mysterious Ivvi smartphone would feature a 4.7” display, but apart from that, nothing else is known, not even the actual name. One can only wonder just what kind of battery this puppy will come with.

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