Its going to be a good year for Battlefield fans. The new title, Battlefield Hardline, comes out in March while new content for Battlefield 4 is also planned for release later this year. Till the new game is released the developer is going to give out Hardline themed goodies like gold battlepacks, community missions, themed dog tags and more. Today it detailed a new community mission which is going to unlock a new game mode on the Hardline beta.

A couple of days back it was confirmed that the new Battlefield Hardline beta has no cap on progression level. Players will be allowed to really put the game to task so that any kinks are ironed out before the full release.

A new community mission for Battlefield 4 starts today at 9am PST and will be available through January 24th, 11:59pm PST. Players have to work together and score 2 billion points in Battlefield 4 Rush mode will be able to access the Heist game mode in Battlefield Hardline beta.

Players can be on any platform all they have to do is score 2 billion points in Battlefield 4’s Rush mode. If they’re able to do that they will be able to access the third game mode in Hardline, Heist, when the beta launches.

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