minecraft-xboxoneeditionIt seems that another leak has happened – and this time around, it would involve a plain text file (of all things!) that carries over 1,800 Minecraft usernames as well as passwords. Having been leaked online, it remains at this point in time unknown just how the details were obtained in the first place. The bigger question would also be, is this particular leak a portent of what is to come, especially in the realm of Minecraft? Basically, details in the leak would enable just about anyone to log into a legitimate user’s account, not to mention download and install the full version of the game.

Another thing that one ought to be worried about would be the fact that this particular hack would have exposed those who were affected by it to additional malicious attacks, assuming one would have made use of a similar password on other services, like their online banking account or email for instance.

Security researcher Graham Cluley mentioned, “Quite how criminals managed to steal the credentials for so many Minecraft users isn’t clear. Possibilities range from simple phishing attacks, keylogging malware stealing players’ details as they log into the game, or even a security breach at Minecraft itself.”

Leaks and hacks are perils of the modern day digital world, and it does not look as though due diligence should be forgotten anytime soon.

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