music-piracyWhen it comes to the issue of piracy where digital content is concerned, how does one approach the topic? Is there really a way to ensure that such piracy will not happen ever again, or at least the number of such acts are reduced? Perhaps, and for the country of Norway, it seems that the issue surrounding music piracy has more or less disappeared after a few years of introducing music streaming, now how about that? Perhaps several factors other than policies also come into play, such as the general culture of the people as well as nation’s core values.

A new poll which was conducted pointed out that less than 5% of people who happen to be under the age of 30 were willing to admit that they were downloading illegal music. The number has dropped down from 80% just half a decade ago, and out of that figure, under 1% of those polled claimed that piracy was the primary method in which they enjoyed their music.

Promotions and adoption rates of streaming services, over time, has helped wean Norwegians off piracy, and it seems that music streaming services now make up 65% of the country’s music market. This could be an eureka moment for some, since there are times when the solution to a particular problem is far easier than one would have expected or thought up of in the first place.

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