melomind headsetWe’ve all had stressful days at work and we come home a bit stressed, tired, and unable to think straight. Some of us might like to just enjoy a glass of wine to unwind, others might prefer a drink with friends, some might prefer video games, a hot soak in the tub, and etc., but what if there was a piece of technology that could help you calm down?


Well thanks to myBrain Technologies, they have created a headgear called the Melomind that is supposed to help the wearer calm down to help them relax. The device has been equipped with multiple contact points to help measure the wearer’s brain electrical activity, and from there the data will be relayed to an accompanying app that will then play music to help match their mental state.

The music has been composed by myBrain’s sound designers and has been designed to allow the wearer to feel relaxed while listening to it. It sounds like a pretty interesting idea and a device we would have loved to try out ourselves, and if you’re just as curious you will be pleased to learn that the Melomind will be making its way to the US and Europe by the end of the year where it will cost around $299.

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