mobile gamingMost of us have games installed on our mobile phones. Some of us might play games to help pass the time on the subway or bus to work or school, while others might be a bit more hardcore and actually turn to their mobile device as one of their primary means of playing video games on. That being said, it hardly comes as a surprise to see that there has been a rise in popularity in mobile gaming.

This is according to the NPD who recently revealed that the amount of time spent playing games on mobile devices has seen an increase to an average of 2 hours. This is versus 2012 where the average amount of time spent on mobile games was around 1 hour and 23 minutes, thus representing a 57% increase.

NPD’s survey also found that more gamers are becoming more open to the idea of in-app purchases. Twice the number of gamers they surveyed revealed that they have made in-app purchases compared to two-years ago. According to Liam Callahan, the industry analyst at THe NPD Group, “Continued mobile growth will stem from existing customers paying more to play, especially in the free-to-play portion of the market.”

He adds, “A positive sign of consumer behavior trending this way is the fact that more than twice the number of app gamers reported making an in-game purchase than they did when we conducted this study two years ago.” They also found that the amount of time gaming tends to peak amongst the tween group, and eventually begins to fall through the teenage and early adult years, but what do you guys think? Have you found yourselves playing more games on your mobile devices these days than you did a few years ago?

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