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[CES 2015] There is more to keeping plants alive than just by ensuring they have enough water. For those who truly want lush looking plants with beautiful flowers at home, there is a lot more work involved than just pouring water once or twice a day, and thanks to technology, your life has been made a lot easier.


Parrot has recently announced both the Parrot Pot and the Parrot H2O connected objects at CES 2015. These devices have been designed for those looking to grow beautiful plants and have sensors that measure soil moisture, fertilizer, along with ambient light and temperature. The information that has been gathered will then be relayed to a smartphone on an accompanying app.

parrot h2o_2The data will be display on a graph and the app will be able to offer the user short-term predictions on what they should do to if the sensors have detected that the plant might not be as healthy as it should/could be. So what’s the difference between the Parrot Pot and the H2O? Well the Parrot Pot is a pot with a 2L water reserve and 4 separate spouts irrigation system.

The Parrot H2O on the other hand works with existing pots or can even work in the ground. Both devices will be able to offer automatic watering of the plant which could come in handy if you’re going to be out of station. The Parrot Pot will be able to swap to a water conservation protocol when it detects that water levels are low, while the Parrot H2O will be able to dispense water based on the plant type. Pricing has yet to be determined but both the Parrot Pot and H2O should be released later this year.

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