spotify-psBoth Spotify and PlayStation have come together to work in the direction of a common goal – and that is, to roll out a brand new service which will be known as PlayStation Music. PlayStation Music is set to arrive on the PlayStation Network later this spring, so do keep a keen eye (and ear) out, all right?

Most of the time, when something new arrives, then the old will need to go. Having said that, this new service would see the end of PlayStation’s previous offering, which is known as Music Unlimited, this coming March 29. PlayStation users will be able to link up their accounts to Spotify and start enjoying playback of its free, ad-supported streaming music, or decide to drop $10 each month for its premium service that will run sans any irritating ads, and will even be playable when there is no Internet connection at all.

While additional features will be announced in due time, we do know that Spotify’s music will be playable in the background when you are gaming. Expect the new PlayStation Music to be made available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Sony’s Xperia smartphones and tablets, although it does not seem that the PlayStation Vita will be on the receiving end of this “benefit”. [Press Release]

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