From time to time Sony takes down the PlayStation Network to conduct some maintenance. Whenever maintenance is scheduled the company informs users through different online channels about the time frame during which PSN will remain inaccessible so that they are not caught unaware. It is specially important that users know this now given that in the past couple of months PSN has been down unexpectedly multiple times.

Just yesterday there was some unexpected downtime but things were up and running back again soon. The worst happened over Christmas when both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live were taken down through a DDoS attack for over three days. Nobody could get any online gaming done during those days, even while the companies worked hard to get their networks back online.

Sony has confirmed through Twitter that the PlayStation Network will remain offline on January 15th starting at 9am Pacific and will hopefully be back online by 1am Pacific. Account management and the PlayStation Store will not be accessible during this time. Account access through PSN website will not be possible as well.

Those who have signed into PSN within the last week will be able to use online multiplayer and streaming video services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus during the maintenance time.

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