Samsung-TV-25CES is always about bigger, crispier and smarter screens and since 3D has been long gone, manufacturers need to rely on higher resolution, fancy form factors (curved) and next generation software to convince consumers to buy new TVs on a regular basis.

So what better than a new marketing term to define imaging excellence and hopefully boost the sales?

When I asked Bill Lee, Vice President, CBD – Product Marketing TV, Samsung Electronics, what SUHD meant, besides the 4K resolution, he answered that this product lineup was “historical for Samsung” because with UHD delivers “the best possible contrast, color, brightness and detail than any television set in 2015”.

This is the marketing pitch, so let’s “see” what is really behind the technology – according to Samsung:


Bill Lee

Image quality


Samsung JS9500

According to Samsung, the superior image quality described by Bill Lee is enabled by Samsung’s proprietary, eco-friendly nano-crystal technology and intelligent SUHD re-mastering picture quality engine. The nano-crystal technology produces 64 times more colors than conventional TVs. Then, the SUHD re-mastering engine reduces power consumption while expressing higher level of contrasts, to deliver darker blacks and more brightness, up to 2.5 times more than regular TVs. Additionally, SUHD produces images with twice the color adjustment points for the most accurate color display.

I certainly cannot check the claims, but I can tell you that the image quality of all the TVs exhibited at the Samsung event at the SLS hotel was stunning.

Product Design and New Models

LG showed the first curved TV at CES 2013, and Samsung followed right behind. This year at CES, Samsung is showing a number of curved TVs, some Smart and some with a “flexible” form factor that allows to go from a flat to a curve display in a few minutes. Samsung showed a demo of its 105 inch flexible display.

The new product lineup features an elegant and consistent design language and the curves are the stars of the show.


The SUHD TV JS9500 will feature the Chamfer bezel (see photos) and the textured Shirring design on the back (see photo).

From the photos, we can see the elegant new design language, based on fluid lines and curves. The reference to the art is  reminiscent throughout the product series, the SW9 model dubbed “Sculpture design” with its cubic stand is particularly stylish.


Three new series of SUHD TVs launched at CES : JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500, in nine screen sizes from 48” to 88”.

At this time, we do not have that much detail on the technical specifications, so I let you discover the beauty of the new design in the photos.


Smart TVs with Tizen and brand new User Interface

DSC08456Beside the image quality and the state-of-the-art product design, the 2015 Samsung Smart TV lineup will be based on Samsung’s proprietary OS Tizen, just like other devices such as the Galaxy Gear s smartwatch.

The Smart Hub has been totally revamped and it delivers a sleek and responsive new user interface. Check the photo gallery to see it.

Thanks to Quick Connect Samsung Smartphones are immediately recognized once paired with BLE. Users can watch content stored on their Smartphone on the TV or continue watching TV on their phone while they walk around the house.

Other features inclde Samsung Sports Live to check live sport stats while watching games, Samsung’s Milk Video platform that curates video clips across various online sources, and Briefing on TV, which automatically switch on your TV when your Samsung phone’s alarm goes off and provides time, weather and schedule directly on the TV screen.


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