sony-symphonic-light-speaker[CES 2015] In the past, audio products were strictly just that – delivering audio according to the best of the engineered capability from within the belly of the beast, so to speak. The same kind of compartmentalized functionality can be said for other aspects of home entertainment, including the visuals department. Well, it seems that Sony intends to bridge the gap with the Sony Symphonic Light Speaker which is a new kind of audio-emitting light fixture that has the capability to fill up an entire room with crystal clear sound, at the same time keeping it well illuminated. I suppose such convergence is going to get more and more common in due time, and with the Internet of Things (IoT) idea catching on, soon all of these will be connected to the rest of your home – not just to a smartphone alone.

Sony certainly knows how to merge both form and function into a single device with the Symphonic Light Speaker. I suppose you can call this a ‘lantern’ of sorts, where it will play music through glass – and despite being classified as a speaker, it will not come with the standard issue drive units. While this is not the first time that music is played through glass (heck, Cinderella’s shoe could be a future design idea!), it is certainly a niche market that looks as though there is plenty of room for growth.

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