tesla model s p85dWhen we think of electric cars, we don’t really think of them as speedsters. Such cars are best left to manufacturers who still focus on gas-powered vehicles, but yet Tesla has proved us all wrong with the Tesla Model S P85D which managed to clock an insane time of 0-60mph in a very impressive 3.2 seconds.

If the reaction of its passengers are anything to go by, this is a very, very fast car. However it seems that clocking 3.2 seconds was not good enough for the folks at Tesla because they are planning on rolling out an OTA update to the car that will make it even faster. In a tweet by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, “Tesla P85D 0 to 60mph acceleration will improve by ~0.1 sec soon via over-the-air software update to inverter algorithm.”

Essentially what this means is that the update could technically make the car even faster and clock a time of around 3.1 seconds. Now the 0.1 seconds might not necessarily be too obvious to the driver or the passenger, but it certainly makes for some great marketing material, not to mention bragging rights as an electric-car company.

It also seems to highlight just how awesome it is for a car to be able to receive an update to its firmware without the need to take it to your dealership to get an update. In fact it almost feels like receiving updates for your phone and could set a new standard in the future amongst car manufacturers.

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