uber-car-drugsFor those who are still wondering what Uber is all about, this is a company that delivers a mobile app for users to arrange for a ride – which might be more expensive than a regular cab, but more often than not the customers are more satisfied due to the perceived level of professionalism as well as overall cleanliness of the Uber ride. Well, since there are drivers associated with Uber, one can never remove the human element from the equation – that is, Uber drivers are still as human as a regular cab driver, which means some of them might carry personal baggage to their work. In an isolated incident, an Uber driver wanted to change lanes when he hit a police car – talk about having a double dose of misfortune!

The fender bender involved more than just a regular accident report, however, as the police officer who decided to take a look into the glove compartment of the Uber ride saw that there was a bag with marijuana inside. The driver did not want to accept responsibility for it, of course, which sounds like the most natural reaction for anyone in such a position.

The driver had since been terminated, and you can see from the tweet above that the passenger inside, O’Keefe, was shaken up by the event. O’Keefe was refunded his $24, although this particular incident could prove to be harmful to Uber’s overall image, especially when it is looking to be listed. Being a brand management specialist, O’Keefe weighed in with his two cents, “I see this as an excellent example of a brand at great risk. They have the right concept, but growing execution problems — quality assurance and customer service among them.”

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