video unlimitedAs some of you might have heard, Sony has decided to put an end to their Music Unlimited service, instead choosing to partner with Spotify in a launch of a new service called PlayStation Music. The new service has yet to launch but it will be available on Sony’s PlayStation consoles as well as Xperia smartphones and tablets.

Now it looks like Sony will be doing the same to their Video Unlimited service, although in this case Sony will not be shutting the service down, but will instead be rebranding it. Much like how Sony now has PlayStation Music, they will also have PlayStation Video which is basically the rebranded version of Video Unlimited.

For now it looks like apart from the rebranding, nothing about the service is expected to change, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any changes that might occur in the future. The rebranding will also put the service in the same brand as Sony’s other services, such as the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Now, and the PlayStation Plus.

Sony expects the new branding to begin February where it will be applied to the 11 countries where it is currently offered in, so when next month rolls around and you can’t find Video Unlimited, fret not because it will now be known as PlayStation Video.

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