In October last year Netflix confirmed that its subscribers will be able to stream one of the most popular TV shows to ever come out of NBC. Friends was due to be added to the Netflix library on January 1st, 2015 and that has finally happened. Subscribers can now watch Friends on Netflix. Don’t be alarmed if you’re not able to find it in search results as this is something that many are experiencing right now.

Fans of this popular series were no doubt eager to watch Friends on Netflix this New Year’s Day, and even though it is already online and available from the library, many subscribers had trouble finding the title. Twitter was flooded with tweets earlier today from Netflix subscribers who just couldn’t locate Friends.

It appears that simply searching for “Friends” on Netflix isn’t bringing up the show because it is so obviously new to Netflix and even obvious search queries are failing to bring up the desired results.

A user suggested a workaround on Twitter which involves searching for “f.r.i.e.n.d.s” and that really does work. Another suggested workaround was to search for a popular cast member because Friends was showing up in their list of titles available on the streaming service.

Alternatively one can use this link to add Friends to their watch list on Netflix after which it will easily become accessible on any device that’s used for streaming, like set-top boxes, tablets, smartphones and game consoles.

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