ms-surface-hubMicrosoft was certainly on a roll yesterday, and I am quite sure that most people would have digested what Microsoft has put up on offer and came away with a positive impression. After all, there is the Microsoft HoloLens that might just take virtual reality and smart glasses to a whole new level, not forgetting the presence of Windows 10 that will unify many different platforms. In addition, there is also the Microsoft Surface Hub, an 84” behemoth of a 4K display that was specially designed in order to deliver a large-format pen and touch experience, targeting enterprise boardrooms as well as businesses who want to improve the group collaboration experience in an office setting.

We do know that the display as well as touch sensor will be phase locked at 120Hz – which means the display will refresh itself every 8.33 milliseconds. In other words, you should not be able to notice any kind of lag whatsoever whenever you interact with it. There is also a very good reason to double up the frame rate on the touch panel, as latency would be cut in half. Apart from that, Microsoft’s engineers have also made sure that advanced touch capabilities which are able to recognize up to 100 touch points with precision are thrown into the mix, so that different people can interact with the screen simultaneously.

Underneath the hood lies 4th gen Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors that will keep it chugging along without missing a beat, while there will be Full HD cameras located on each side with wide field of view so that folks who want to chime in from afar will still be able to see the whole room without losing sight of people there. An integrated microphone array that leverages technology from Xbox Kinect can detect and follow voices in the room, at the same time doing away with background noise. There will be a slew of input such as wireless projection, HDMI, NFC, Bluetooth, and ports so that peripheral devices can be connected. Cool, huh?

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