Earlier today during Microsoft’s Windows 10 announcement, the company revealed some interesting features that would be coming to the operating system, one of which is the support for holographic displays. Now if you’re thinking that this means you will have to wait for companies to come up with hardware and software to support it, you can rest easy because Microsoft has you covered.

Alongside their Windows 10 announcement, Microsoft also announced the HoloLens. This is an official headset from Microsoft that will basically allow the wearer to enjoy and take advantage of Windows 10’s support for holographic displays. The HoloLens will be able to merge digital content with the physical, much like augmented reality.

The wearable itself is a self-contained computer and will come with its own CPU, GPU, and a dedicated holographic processor. It also comes with spatial sound so that the wearer will be able to “hear” the holograms around them, and will also come with both motion and environmental sensors. The announcement of the HoloLens is actually not surprising as there have been rumors that Microsoft could be working on a wearable headset of their own.

According to Microsoft, the HoloLens is still early in its development phase, although they are optimistic that it should be available in the “Windows 10 timeframe”. No word on pricing just yet, but Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has stated that it will be priced for both the enterprise and consumer sector, so hopefully it won’t be too expensive.

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