Interactive Kitchen of the Future 9[CES 2015] Let’s face it – we live in an extremely connected world, and to make sure that homes of the future too, would remain connected in their special way – even in the kitchen, the folks over at Whirlpool have come up with a visualization of what it would look, and feel like, to return to such a concept. Enter the Whirlpool socially networked kitchen environment concept, where it will be accompanied by a bevy of smart surfaces.

Known as the Interactive Kitchen of the Future 2.0, this conceptual cooking environment would be fully connected to various social media channels, where it will synchronize all of your devices and kitchen appliances. Such potential would include interactive backsplash and a cooktop that keeps you connected to your social networks, favorite websites, and recipes, delivering an easy way to customize your meals as well as plan for hosting a party – all without having to have the hassle of bringing an extra device or hold up a book with your flour-coated fingers in the kitchen.

The interactive backsplash with personalized touch screens will also enable live “chats” with your cooking mentor (mom in most cases), cajoling them into parting with their tips and tricks, and the ilk. There is even a refrigerator which will be able to detect when your food is about to lose its freshness, so that you will be alerted and do accordingly. When will such a kitchen be made available? Not anytime soon, but it is a nice form of escapism if but for a moment.

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