youtube-new-logoIt looks like the YouTube AdBlitz is back – and this is deemed to be the start of the Super Bowl ad season, now how about that? In fact, over 6.3 million hours’ worth of Super Bowl ads were watched on YouTube in 2014, which is a whole lot of hours when you think about it. Just how much time is that if we were to quantify it into something that most people can relate to? Well, it is similar to flying from Phoenix to the moon – and back, not a thousand times, but 87,500 times. If you were to watch every NFL game in history, that would be 138 reruns in all.

It is widely believed that this year’s YouTube AdBlitz would also bring about a similar sense of excitement and anticipation, not to mention quality like what we have seen in the past. Needless to say, YouTube will this year host a teaser gallery so that folks can watch advertiser submitted pregame ads – all in a single place, without having you to run around looking for different sources. Not only that, all of the advertiser-submitted game-day commercials on the YouTube AdBlitz channel will be uploaded the moment the ad is aired on TV, which means YouTube folks have a fair number of embargos to look out for, too.

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