zorloo[CES 2015] At this point in time, audio within a standard mobile device will be processed internally before it is outputted to a standard 3.5mm port, albeit in analog format. Zorloo’s Z:ero will ditch such a conventional route, and will instead make use of the micro USB port to output pure digital audio thanks to a miniaturized Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) and high powered amp which has been specially integrated into the earphones so that it can offer full listening pleasure regardless of where you are.

While many a smartphone these days see plenty of effort going to deliver all sorts of bells and whistles, the audio segment looks as though it has been neglected. To make sure that you will be able to enjoy pure digital audio, an additional HiFi music player, portable high powered amp, USB DAC, the works, would come into the picture. The Z:ero digital earphones will be able to offer an increased audio quality without burning a hole in your pocket, and yet ensuring this fully digital earphone remains convenient to use.

The Zorloo Z:ero plays nice with all Android devices, and there is word on the street that an Apple compatible device is in the pipeline and ought to arrive by early 2015 – although pricing details have yet to be determined. [Press Release]

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