lg-g4-qhdIt seems that there are two opinions making their rounds – or should I say, rumors, concerning the upcoming flagship smartphone from South Korea’s LG, and that would be its display resolution. On one hand, there are whispers going on about a 3K display, while the other would point to a QHD display. It seems that the latest piece of information making its rounds does point to the latter, where a leaked XML file extracted from a Lollipop ROM shows a device known as the LG F500 being listed as “G4 (QHD).”

In the very same leaked XML file extract, it points to a trio of versions – namely S, K and L, and all of them will correspond to the three major carriers over in South Korea, which is LG’s home country. The LG G3 which was known as the F400 did also feature a similar three version “route”, so to speak. By the way, QHD would mean a resolution count of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels, while 3K ups the ante further with 1,620 x 2,880 pixels.

Regardless of the outcome of these rumors, there should not be any LG G4 release at Mobile World Congress later this year, since the LG G4 is tipped for an announcement some time later down the road.

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