kindle convertThere are many reasons why some people might be holding off on getting a Kindle. For starters they might have already amassed a huge collection of books and don’t see the need to pay just to get their books in digital format. There are also some who argue that reading physical books tends to be more enjoyable, but we suppose that is up for debate.

That being said if you have a library of books that you want converting into a format readable by Kindle, Amazon has recently released a piece of software called Kindle Convert. Basically this software will be able to convert your paper books into digital books whose font can be adjusted and will also gain Whispersync support as well.

What this means is that it goes beyond just the scanning of books and compiling them into a PDF document. However it will require users to own a flatbed scanner, but if you already have one then you should be good to go, although we reckon that the process would no doubt be extremely time consuming.

However if you have some books you would like to make digital, perhaps it is falling apart at the spine due to old age, then perhaps the Kindle Convert software could be a good idea. The software is currently priced at $19 which is a huge discount from its original price of $49, so head on over to Amazon’s website if you’d like to learn more.

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