Amazon Prime Instant Video can take on the best of them. This online video streaming service offers subscribers a massive library of content which includes and is not limited to movies, TV shows and documentaries. However if a report is to be believed the library is going to lose majority of BBC shows, including the popular Doctor Who, due to Amazon not reaching an agreement with the BBC on licensing.

The company’s existing licensing deal with BBC allows the programming to be available to rival services as well, which is why you can find BBC shows on Netflix, but this doesn’t sit too well with Amazon.

It wants exclusivity for Prime Instant Video and The Verge reports that BBC isn’t budging so Doctor Who and most of the shows belonging to BBC will be removed from the library on February 15th.

Prime Instant Video subscribers who like watching BBC programming will certainly not be happy but this isn’t the first time that Amazon has played hardball. Shows like Hannibal, The Americans, Justified and 24 are all exclusive to its video streaming service so its not surprising that it wants this trend to continue.

This would then bring out an increase in Prime subscriptions. Recent results from the company show that membership has grown by 53 percent in 2014 with Amazon investing $1.3 billion just in this service.

According to the report Amazon is going to notify subscribers about this change around the weekend. Fans of the show Orphan Black need not worry because that’s exclusive to Amazon Prime Instant Video.

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