falloutpicBethesda is a company you might be familiar with if you’ve played the Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, or the Doom franchise. Now many gamers are excited for Fallout 4 which has yet to be announced, so could 2015 be the year that the company officially announces the game? We’re sure we’re not alone in crossing our fingers (and toes).


That’s what many are hoping and it seems that their hopes are being raised as Bethesda has recently confirmed that they will be hosting their first ever E3 conference at Los Angeles come 14th of June later this year. Like we said this is the first time Bethesda will be hosting their own event which means that they probably have something big they’d like to share, and what better platform to share that than at E3, right?

Of course it is possible we could be hearing about a new The Elder Scrolls title, but considering that there is The Elder Scrolls Online at the moment, it does seem a bit unlikely. There is also the possibility of hearing more about Doom 4 which was rebooted a few years ago with Bethesda as its new publisher.

However given that the last time we heard about a Fallout game was in 2010, it would seem more likely that Bethesda might announce something Fallout-related. In any case try not to get your hopes too high just yet, but either way we will be keeping an eye out for clues and more details as the date approaches.

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