box-new-iosWhen it comes to storing your precious data on the cloud, it goes without saying that you would want to ensure that there are relevant security measures in place to make sure that whatever sensitive information you have there would remain privy to your eyes only – and no one else. Popular online storage service Box Inc. allows businesses to control their encryption keys, which happen to be the encoding tools that are utilized so that your data would remain safe.

Of course, nothing can be said to be a 100% effective and foolproof method in terms of security where the digital world is concerned, as there always seems to be a way to be able to find one’s way through even the most secure of defenses. Still, this move by Box would help aid some heavily regulated industries as well as other parties who have very real fears concerning hacking attacks or government snooping.

Box CEO Aaron Levie mentioned, “We think is really going to unlock a new set of customers and break one of the last barriers for cloud adoption. It’s less of a response to threat landscape and more about the regulatory environment.”

Are you interested in checking out what Box has to offer now?

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