Apple has rehired Jon Callas, a security expert, to improve its encryption. The move comes after the company locked horns with the government when ordered to unlock an encrypted iPhone. Callas, believed to be an expert in practical cryptography, has been hired once again to further improve the powerful encryption baked into the company’s devices.

Callas used to work for Apple back in the 90s and his most recent stint at the Cupertino company lasted from 2009 to 2011, during that time he was working on shoring up the Mac’s security credentials.

He’s also the co-founder of multiple secure communication companies including but not limited to Blackphone and Silent Circle. An Apple spokesman confirmed to Reuters that Callas has rejoined the company this month. The company did not say what his new role at Apple is, now did Callas comment when approached by Reuters.

Recent reports suggest that Apple is bringing in new talent to further improve security across its products and services. Its encryption came under the spotlight following the public row with the FBI which was demanding that Apple unlock the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone.

Apple did not comply with the FBI request and the bureau then had to seek outside help in order to crack that phone.

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