There are several communication apps out there that promise enhanced security features and Signal is one of them. It has been testing an encrypted video calling feature for several weeks now and since the tests have been completed, the Signal encrypted video calling feature has now been released to all users.

Signal first launched this feature in beta on Android last month. The short beta period was used to collect feedback from users and fix any issues that were discovered during that period. Now that the feature is out of beta, it’s available to all Signal users on iOS and Android.

Just like texts and voice calls in Signal, the video calls are also encrypted end-to-end. Since the iOS app uses CallKit integration, this means that users will be able to answer Signal video calls directly from the lock screen with just one touch.

They can also make these calls via the native contact app and even see their chats on the iPhone’s “recent calls” list. However, this feature will only work if both parties have Signal installed with video calling enabled.

Some of the features that testers requested during the beta period have been added as well, such as the ability to make peer-to-peer calls. These calls aren’t routed via Signal’s server. Users can only take advantage of this feature if they initiate the P2P call or receive one, this has been done to ensure maximum privacy.

Signal is available as a free download for iOS and Android.

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