youtube-choose-your-viewFor those of you who have followed the broadcast of sporting events in the past few decades, you would clearly have seen the evolution of making the huge jump from black and white to color, and then when you thought that color was the bee’s knees, along comes the artistic interpretation through the use of various camera angles, as well as slow motion replays. Different angles do add to a new element of excitement when you are watching a particular sport, and it must be said that through online sports broadcasts, viewers were among the first few who had the choice of picking the angle that they would love to see. It seems that the same grace is now extended to YouTube viewers, where a video of artist Madilyn Bailey performing at YouTube Music Night would enable users to go through a choice of four camera angles.

In other words, you can now switch between any one of the four camera angles as the video is being played back, all without suffering from a pause in the action, now how about that? Of course, it is highly recommended to allow the video to load a wee bit prior to you taking full advantage of the various angles, since checking out a quartet of streams simultaneously does eat into one’s bandwidth – especially when the resolution is high.

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