moledetective_1Apps are handy and thanks to the increasing amount of sensors embedded in our phones, our apps are becoming a lot more useful at detecting and measuring all kinds of things, but to be able to detect cancer via an app? Is that even possible? As it turns out some app developers are making that claim, much to the annoyance of the FTC.


The FTC has since brought up fines against the developers of two apps claiming to be able to detect melanoma in the user using the iPhone’s camera. The FTC alleges that these apps are making false claims, and thankfully it looks like both the apps – MelApp and Mole Detective – have since been removed from the iTunes App Store, although the latter is still available via Google Play for $4.99.

According to a statement released by the FTC, “The Federal Trade Commission has challenged marketers for deceptively claiming their mobile apps could detect symptoms of melanoma, even in its early stages. In two separate cases, marketers of MelApp and Mole Detective have agreed to settlements that bar them from continuing to make such unsupported claims. The agency is pursuing charges against two additional marketers of Mole Detective who did not agree to settle.”

It is unclear as to how big of a fine the developers behind the two apps will be facing, but hopefully it will be big enough to deter future apps making similar claims.

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